Mindfulness with Lanita

Always looking to add more that will benefit our clients, Vivify Wellness has partnered with mindfulness coach and trauma-informed yoga instructor Lanita England to help us bring a trauma-informed mindfulness group to our clients.

Studies on mindfulness have shown numerous positive effects on mental well-being.  Mindfulness is helpful in improving learning and memory, emotional regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking.

Our mindfulness group is co-facilitated by Lanita England, CMC, Trauma-Informed 200ERYT, RPYT and Laura Fontaine, MS, LISAC, LPC.  We will hold the groups in 6-week cycles.  Email [email protected] to be added to our waitlist for the next round of groups.

COVID-19 and Telehealth 

There's no escaping hearing about COIVD-19 and in Arizona we are (again) seeing the number of confirmed cases increase daily. As part of our social responsibility and out of concern for our clients, Vivify Wellness has decided to switch exclusively to teletherapy so our clients can continue their healing work. We have chosen Doxy.me as the HIPAA-compliant online platform to use for our sessions. This allows us to still meet "face-to-face" for our work together. Our sessions will be online until further notice.

For clients using their insurance benefits, it is helpful to check with your insurance provider to ensure that telehealth services are covered by your plan and to find out how your insurance company is handling the cost sharing right now. Many insurances are expanding their allowance of teletherapy and cost sharing due to the current pandemic but some are not. Please contact your insurance directly for the most accurate answer as to whether your insurance will cover teletherapy.